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Nevada Medical and Recreational Marijuana News

marijuanaNovember 22, 2016

by Thomas Farley

Citing a press release, Ganjapreneur reports that Maple Leaf Green World, a Canadian agricultural firm, has bought a Nevada marijuana cultivation permit for $500,000. Maple Leaf purchased the permit from BioNeva Innovations of Henderson LLC.

Medical marijuana in Nevada is legal to grow, process, and distribute if the law is closely followed. There are many, many laws, rules and regulations that cover every aspect of the trade. As of now, these are the marijuana establishments possessing State required Final Certificates:

Clark County: 8 laboratories; 47 cultivation facilities; 25 production facilities; 41 dispensaries

Nye County: 4 cultivation facilities; 2 dispensaries ; 2 production facilities

Washoe County: 2 laboratories; 13 cultivation facilities; 8 production facilities; 7 dispensaries

Carson City: 2 cultivation facilities; 2 dispensaries; 1 production facility

Churchill County: 1 dispensary (final inspection pending).[i]

Recreational or adult use of marijuana was decriminalized by ballot initiative on November, 8, 2016. The law goes into effect January 1, 2017. While possessing a certain amount may be legal, it remains uncertain where a Nevadan can buy it. Rules for recreational marijuana shops are now in process throughout the state. Chief among legislator’s concerns are taxes. The Department of Taxation has until January 1, 2018 to implement licensing regulations. The law as outlined in the voter pamphlet is here.

Will farmers growing crops returning marginal income decide to raise marijuana? The future is uncertain. Besides the lengthy, expensive, and elaborate process to becoming certified, either for medical or adult sales, there are security concerns with every phase of marijuana cultivation. Does a farmer really want to risk growing it? Who protects the crop, for example, before and after harvest? As to the government, does law enforcement have enough resources to handle robberies and other crimes associated with this industry? The future is still unfolding for this crop.

Medical Use of Marijuana

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