My name is Thomas Farley and I am a freelance writer living in Las Vegas. My primary employer is a Vancouver web design and marketing firm called InFocus. As a part-time contract worker there, I edit and blog for law firms. I also contract at Catalogs.com. In addition, I have a book proposal out on Stanton Delaplane, a former San Francisco Chronicle columnist.

I love rural Nevada and writing about it. In 2016 I was published three times by Rock&Gem  Magazine. I wrote about turquoise near Tonopah, calcedony (a semi-precious gemstone) near Goldfield, and about garnets near Ely. In 2017 I stepped out of Nevada. My two articles this year were on Mariposite in March (California), and on Quartzsite, Arizona in April.

My website contains everything about my writing life. Please visit http://thomasfarleyblog.com. Thank you for visiting NevadaAg.com.