Thomas Farley 

I created this site and I maintain it. Quotations below are by others.

Field Guide to California Agriculture

“Anyone who travels California’s byways sees the many faces of agriculture. A huge entwined business, farming and ranching are the state’s dominant land use. Yet few Californians understand what animals and crops are raised or how agriculture reflects our relationship with nature.”

Professor Peter Goin

Professor Paul Starrs, Ph.D.

Hay & Forage Grower

Infrastructure: A Guide to The Industrial Landscape

“Replete with the author’s striking photographs, the revised and expanded edition of Infrastructure is a unique and spectacular guide to all the major “ecosystems” of our modern industrial world.”


“Haymaking combines science and art. Old timers knew just the right feel of hay before it was ready to put into the barn. It’s hard to quantify that judgment with mechanical instruments. The goal of haymaking is to capture the nutrients in grass in a storable form to make them available as a forage feed in the winter months.”

Nevada Department of Agriculture

“The Nevada Department of Agriculture promotes a business climate that is fair, economically viable and encourages environmental stewardship that serves to protect food, fiber and human health and safety through effective service and education.”

Excellent video on Nevada agriculture overall:

Nevada Farm Bureau Federation

“Nevada Farm Bureau is a grassroots organization, directed by farmer/rancher members. Direction is provided by the organization’s public policy, started within county Farm Bureaus and sent forward to address issues identified by farmer and rancher members.”

Nevada Tourism Commission

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension

“University of Nevada Cooperative Extension is the college that puts university research to work—in your home, workplace or community.”

Extension: N.E. Clark County

“Our mission is to discover, develop, disseminate, preserve and use knowledge to strengthen the social, economic, and environmental well-being of the people living in northeast Clark County.”

University of Nevada Press

“The University of Nevada Press, as mandated by the state legislature and the Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education, publishes high-quality, deserving works that advance scholarly research, contribute to the understanding and appreciation of regional history and culture, and reach a wide range of academic and general readers.”