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A Farming Map to Aspire To

If there’s anything better than a well laid out map it’s an farming¬†map. Crop maps are rare and this is a good one.

This map show land near West Sacramento, CA, where I lived recently for fifteen years. I know the area well. And I can recognize most of the crops by sight, but I was pleased to see a farmer tucked in onions. I doubt I’d recognize that. Safflower is beautiful and I miss driving by fields of it.

What I’d be very interested to know is why certain crops are placed in certain fields. Deeper, better soil for some crops? Not so fussy crops like alfalfa for other ground?

This is the Clarksburg AVA, an American Viticultural Area. The main road along the levee on the left side is Jefferson Boulevard. The winding road through the middle is Babel Slough Road.

If my Nevada Agriculture book goes forward I would like to develop some maps like this one. Reading the land is always easier with a map.

Link to full sized map (click here)