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Nevada To Learn Water Use Lessons From Israel

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce this week is putting on what’s called a BusinessH2O Summit in Las Vegas. The RJ says the purpose is to highlight water management problems with people and groups who make water management decisions. The goal is to produce practical ways to prevent a water crisis.

The article cites Israel as a model of good water development and stewardship. Although over half desert, Israel is an exporter of water, enjoying a national surplus. Desalination experts, it has turned the Mediterranean sea into a source of drinking water. Israel also reclaims 9/10’s of its water, compared to only 1% for the United States.

Prospects seem good for new initiatives and collaboration between Israel and the United States, including Nevada. Wise water management techniques are already being shared between governments. These things can include new drip irrigation methods and ways to practice leak detection.

A Nevada supported group called Waterstart will enter into a “Cooperative agreement with the Israeli Innovation Authority to promote greater collaboration in research and development.” As the most arid state in the nation, Nevada can only benefit from the results of these cooperative efforts.