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What’s Up With Washhoe?

Is commercial fishing the leading agricultural producer in Washoe County? It appears so but I am baffled as to what is being produced and by whom.

According to this Nevada Department of Agriculture file, commercial fishing is the top money maker for ag in Washoe. Also surprising is that beef is number three. The second spot belongs to the greenhouse, nursery, and horticulture trade.

I’ve e-mailed the Department and they say the figures are accurate, part of a larger census taken in 2015. While aquaculture is a growing industry, it would have had to make giant strides in recent years to pass cattle ranching.

And horticulture? I’d think the climate in Washoe is too cold to profitably maintain greenhouses, unless they are, possibly, using geothermal heat.

Let me know if you know more about these two sectors in Washoe County. I am eager to learn. e-mail: tom@NevadaAg.com